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Our perspective on our body, spiritual matters, wisdom, creativity, compassion, and most importantly our relationship with our sexual energy. Our divine creative force that is shared by all living beings. If we begin to understand this relationship, this energy, from a place of wisdom rather than a place of ego and mind we can begin to unlock the mystery and  power of our own divine healing force.

Through the wisdom of the ancient practices we utilize breath, sound, and movement to awaken the Sex to Spirit connection and begin to feel the truth that we all come from the same life force energy and you are nothing less than divine perfection.

Tantra is an ancient sanskrit word with many meanings. Today here at parvati, we use it as an energetic management system that views the material world, including the body and everything we sense around us, as a manifestation of the divine.
We are divine beings, and everything around us is about our relationships in this world. Life is about what we individually construct within ourselves, through the stories we tell ourselves forming our perspective.

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