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This is a place to banish shame and doubt. Stop the shame, the loneliness, the frustration of inauthentic relationships. learn to create intimate connections in an open and honest way, without going through undue unpleasant drama. Whether you are single, married, dating or experimenting with your own thing!, I am dedicated to helping you deepen your life's experience of love. use the magic of your dormant life force energy to fuel your creative potential and free yourself of fear and self made limitations

I am Dakini Lisa MSW with a focus on relationships and addiction relief from a tantric perspective, a lover, a mother of 5 sons, a daughter, a sex mentor, writer, and coach who’s been sharing about my relationship beliefs and tantric life and experiences for 10 years.

welcome, here you will find info regarding  my:

 Tantric sex and relationship life Coaching, energy movement experience, and Tantric ritual Massage for seekers of all kinds. relationship healing and marriage preparation courses as well..

I teach in a relaxing and nurturing tantric Environment. My intention is to create a safe and loving space for you to reach your highest awareness..

I honor your High Being

Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that holds sex as sacred and as a pathway to the divine. In the world today, and as I teach it, Tantra has a contemporary twist. There is a lot of emphasis on teaching the consciousness and skills that will enable you to be  exceptionally in tune with your subtle energies and bring them to your intimate life 

What you learn from me, when implemented, will change forever your life, your relationships, and your sexual experiences.