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With Sexual Kung fu and Tantra you will learn joy within your body! Taoist sexual health practices are the inspiration for many Tantric techniques that lead to a taoist multi-orgasmic nature, full body orgasmic experiences and the joyous sex life and romantic relationships that follow!

I can show you the secrets to ejaculatory mastery in one lesson or i can work with you in an ongoing manner to help you explore you inner tantric god/goddess! 

I welcome you 
to my site!

I provide Tantric Coaching, Tantric Experiences, and Tantric Massage for Men, Women and Couples.

I teach in an exquisite 
Tantric Environment, 
which transports you 
into the Tantric Experience

I honor your High Being

Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that holds sex as sacred and as a pathway to the divine. In modern America, and as I teach it, Tantra has a contemporary twist. There is a great deal of emphasis on teaching the consciousness and skills that will enable you to be an exceptional lover.

What you learn from me, when implemented, will change forever your life, your relationships, and your sexual experiences.