Welcome to the home of discovering the powerful life force being you really are.  a place for playful, yet masterful exploration of orgasmic forces. A place to simply open to light , love and gratitude through living in the body, spirit and mind as the creative forces intended for us- You are of pure SOURCE , you are LOVE . Address the yearning within your being to express yourself by creating a new relationship with life, guided by your heart and passion...get out of ruts and programming.  Raise your spirit vibration by freeing your emotional body of programmed erotic shame and misguided sexual teachings.  Freedom  from illusion based wounding, shame and confusion.  break the victim cycle with empowerment within the orgasmic bliss achieved with these practices are just a small piece of the magic..  Lisa has been studying, practicing, living and teaching energy awareness through taoist, tantric and yogic practices in her search for freedom of addiction, PTSD,  illness and codependency. Through ever deepening practices of juicy energy flow Lisa has found an expanded self...this ability is your birthright too...come discover it.

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Hi,  I’m goddess Lisa.  Tantric Dakini and Taoist energy consciousness guide... 

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