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​Tantra defined literally means a system or a technology. The system that it describes is the inner technology of the self with the succinct goal of expanding awareness and bringing us to a place of conscious living.
Tantric healing is a synthesis of Tantra, Yoga, and ancient shamanic practices. Modern day Tantric healers utilize these practices with the intention of bringing awareness of the inner healer to those that are prepared for the next step in their journey.
Tantric healers utilize modern day principles blended with ancient systems such as ayurveda and yogic practices. They also bring the dimension of the more ethereal world of spirituality. Through the use of meditation, mantra, yantra, and rituals such as puja the patient begins to feel the affects even at the karmic level. Essentially reprogramming our mind from its synaptic rutting and creating space for healing.We are energy beings within a divinely bestowed body...when we tend to spirit the body and mind follow. If traditional western approaches have challenged you and not brought to where you want to be, come to Tantra!!!


For Men

Tantric sessions are intimate and individualized classes or ceremonies for couples or individuals....

One key component of the work involves healing our masculine aspect .

Tantra teaches that lovemaking between a man and woman, when entered into with awareness, is a gateway to both sexual and spiritual ecstasy.

Daily Tantra:

Begins with a deep and intimate assessment of your relationship.  Using an outside objective perspective on underlying patterns in relationships.

Applying proven, effective tools and strategies toward more satisfaction in sex, communication and overall balance. 

Deeper sessions may introduce sacred sexual techniques, rituals, and hands-on demonstrations used to manifest more magic in the relationship.

Couples coaching:

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How much of this amazing life do we allow ourselves to receive? How much love, beauty, power can we experience? Women

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Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that holds sex as sacred and as a pathway to the divine... 


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